Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday & Day 9..

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“2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War, when nearly 1 million British men perished and many more returned home injured. Remembrance Sunday, and indeed Armistice Day on the eleventh, give us a chance to quietly remember the many men and women who have fought for the freedom we enjoy, and continue to do so today.” (Chris Simpkins, Director General of The Royal British Legion )
My thanks to all those fallen hero's and to those that continue to fight for our freedom, you are all Hero's...
Yesterday was a good day, I'm still a little tired from the past week but yesterday i smiled and i laugthed and that's good enougth for me.. I would love to take the dog out for a good walk today so I'm hoping I'm up for that in a few hours. The weather is really wet and windy, but i love it like this..
Last night Sage and myself settled down in his bedroom window and watched fireworks kick off all around us, we had a great time and we never even got wet or cold! Thanks neighbours that was some show.. Don't you just love Bonfire night, although it does baffle me that we celebrate the man that was really a terrorist and almost blew up the houses of Parliament!

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