Monday, 28 February 2011

Just in time..

This was a bargain from Primark, at only £4 i had to buy this Cath Kidson look a likie, as i don't own any makeup its got my wool in it for now..

I couldn't resist this from work, here's a little peek inside..

And finally some pink polkadot gloves for the garden, a girls got to look good out there as well.....

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Then there was life...

The Purple sprouting that i sowed on the 2nd have sprouted this morning as well as the daffodils that greeted me on this grey wet morning..

Thursday was beautiful and a taste of whats to come, but this morning the skies were full, but at least the flowers in the house were warm and happy..

Am so looking forward to seeing the garden looking like this again..

Monday, 21 February 2011

Time for a change..

Do you like the new look?, yep, me too..

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Spring awakes...

I'm getting all excited now the sun is coming out more often and the birds are singing.. At work we are selling flower and vegetable seeds 2 for a pound and iv gone a little crazy, well at that price you cant blame me...

Iv decided this year to do a lot of cut flowers. The supermarkets never have enougth variety for my liking and at least i will know where my Flowers have travelled from..

The seed potatoes came from Wilkinson's and they only cost 99p for 5 seeds, i brought them last year and they are lovely and you get a great yield..

And of course i couldn't not leave without adding a recent picture of Patch.. Hes a right firecracker and our house can certainly at times be a war zone.. He's allowed to go for his first walk in a few days so pop over to his own blog to see his antics in more detail..

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Love is.....

(picture from google images)

To all you lovers out there, have a wonderful day.

My tooth is still hurting me and iv been on antibiotics all week, so I'm guessing I'm going to be losing two of my molars in the week! Eeeekkkk......

Yesterday was a beautiful taster of what Spring has in mind, the sun shone, the birds sung, and the spring flowers started to unfold, today however, the rain is coming down hard and the wind is strong!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Here's a recent picture of Halle, she 7 months old now, not long til she has her first birthday, time really does go fast...

Iv had a terrible few days, somethings wrong with my tooth/gum, the pain is unbelievable. but i have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping all will be well... The weathers been crap all rain and gale force winds, i really want Spring to be here so i can get out into the garden and have a tidy up..

Patch is doing well, growing bigger each day and a complete handful, hes going for his 2Nd lot of injections this week so another couple of weeks of being indoors and we can finally wear him out with some gentle walks.. Here's a recent picture of him, asleep in the arms of my friends sons arms...Ahhhhhhh, you say, what a Minx is what im saying.. LOL...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Im still here....

Its been a while, that's due to the pup keeping me well busy, i have however done a new blog especially about Patch, iv got sooooo many pictures of him that i thought i would put them all there rather than take this blog over with his antics!, feel free to pop over and take a look... If your having trouble with the link below, the blogs in my links on the right hand side

Wow, that's a strong wind out there, i thought it was going to sweep me off my bike yesterday and take me to some unknown places, LOL... Lucky for me i managed to nip into the garden before it came and gave it a tidy up and made sure it was safe for Patch to go out into..Taking about the garden, i brought a lorry load of seeds the other day, mainly flower seeds, iv decided to do a lot of cut flowers this year, save on money from buying them from the local supermarket.. Iv also got my potato seeds and this year I'm going to give purple sprouting a go..

I do hope those of you that celebrate Imbolc the other day had a wonderful time, blessings to you all....Have a wonderful weekend and take care int hose winds, i dont want to see any off you floating above my neighbourhood!...