Thursday, 6 November 2008

Day 6..

It all went tits up yesterday, and a doctor was called out, i was given some tablets that seem to control the dizzy spells and the feeling of wanting to freak out, big time!, and that seems to have done the job. Another day of resting, but that's driving me mad, i really want to go out for a walk..

So the Cat has woken me up at 4.30 and again I'm unable to go back to sleep, so I'm here, in front of the PC, yet again in the small hours of the morning. My neck is killing me and I'm debating whether to take one of those tablets, I'm only allowed to take 2 a day so I'm a little worried about starting the course so early in the morning, but it was round about 5.30 am yesterday it all went mad! When I'm feeling a little better i will go into more detail about how I'm actually feeling...

Oh, a quick note, good choice of the right decision yesterday, i personally believe the right man was elected by the Citizens of the US, yes even here in the UK we were rooting for this man... Way to go!

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