Sunday, 30 November 2008

I just want to be me again

Happy birthday to me, 40 years old, where has the time gone? I remember celebrating my 30th like it was yesterday, 10 years have flown passed me so fast i feel a little sick, but hey, they say life begins at 40, so bring it on!

My tree went up yesterday, i saw a few homes decorated and so it got me in the mood also.. My blood results came back normal, but no idea about the ECG results, but i have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so hopefully i will know more then! I'm sleeping in better and the power surges have subsided a little in the mornings, and they seem to be getting better at night, although i did have one about 8.30 last night that upset me a little... I'm still convinced I'm going to have a fit when i go through them and i walk to talk to the doctor more about that...

Party season begins tomorrow and the countdown to Yuletide begins.. Have a wonderful Sunday ~

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