Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blessings on this beautiful Beltane

Beltane arrived yesterday in the form of the wonderful Hawthorne Flower.. The smell makes you dizzy with summer.

Today will be my fifth day as a Non- Smoker, and im so proud of myself! Iv tried to give up in the past and found it really hard, but this time its a little easier with the help of the patches and the inhaler...

Iv been doing some research into the 'New World Order' and the thoughts of people like David Icke, and although a lot of what he says makes sense, he then loses credability with me with the mention of the Reptilians! Nontheless, very intreasting reading, and something i think we should all read and inform ourselves about~..

Saturday, 3 May 2008

A Non-Smoker

Today, i become a non-smoker! After smoking for about 25 years, and trying to give up a few times, today is the day that i have my smokers patch on my arm and my nicorette inhaler at the ready.. The patch makes my arm ache a little and is a little uncomfortable and iv already used the inhaler, and so far i have passed that first cigarette in the morning buisness, Yay, for me! Im very aware to what i eat and i dont drink, so why im still smoking is an egnima to me, but like iv already said, iv tried to give up a few times and failed after a few hours,but then i didn't have any medical help those times so im keeping my fingers crossed. The trick is to think, im not going to smoke today and get through this day only, think about tomorrow when it arrives!

The weather has been amazing here in the UK and i spent some time in the garden yesterday, planting bulbs and pulling up some of the weeds.. Iv got to plant some vegetables soon, i think i can assume the frosts are over now!

Beltane was on May 1st, but for me not until the Hawthorne flower has bloomed do i celebrate, and as that has not blossomed yet, i have yet to celebrate.. I do belive it flowered early last year, and we had all that rain and floods! So maybe its a sign that we have better weather to come this year, something to note.. Any how, blessings to all you that celebrated on the first, only another 6 weeks until Midsummers Day,along with Yule is one of my favorite Sabbats..