Monday, 22 June 2009

Midsummer and the Terminator

Sage and myself went to the cinema yesterday to see the new Terminator film, I'm not going to go into details but we both enjoyed the film. On the way home, we went past the Park to see that the circus had come to town.
The Tall Ships were at Gloucester Docks a few weeks ago but as we cut through to get to the cinema i noticed a few were still here. I also took a nosy at the new Gloucester Quays as it was my first time here since it opened. I did take some more pictures but for some reason i cant find them in my file!!

The garden had a makeover this morning and iv moved a lot of the potted plants around, i like it!

And finally wishing you all a wonderful Summer Solstice, a little belated, but Midsummer is here, have fun and keep safe..

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Strawberries and Peas.. anyone?...

Another harvest from the garden, YUM YUM!!

Its the simple pleasures in life that make one smile, especially if you have done your back in, again!!!

The weather have been amazing, just as summer should be and with Midsummer's day only a few days away, Mother Nature has been kind to us...

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Yay, baby Blackbirds.. It seems one has fledged onto the near by branch and has stayed there for a couple of days. Mum and dad have been brilliant parents, i watched as they built the nest in the Elder at the bottom of the garden and iv enjoyed watching the brooding and the feeding, what an honor i have been given this Spring, thank you Gaia.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Nothing to say

Peekaboo, i can see you!

Home grown and B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L