Saturday, 29 May 2010

Completly and Utterly

.... If your a fan and stayed up Friday night to watch the last two episodes, only to come away feeling still.....LOST!! What was it all about?, I'm still non the wiser and a little disappointed!!

Its gone cold again, but the garden needs the rain and the suns predicated to return tomorrow so I'm not too disappointed that summers been put on hold, I'm off to see some gardens with a friend tomorrow so I'm hoping the weathers gonna be a little better than today..

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer within the City

Last evening, i heard that distinctive scream that told me that Summer was finally here. Those beautiful flying machines that weave and scream their arrival within the City, the humble Swift..I cant believe that they spend most of their lives within the sky, they eat, sleep and mate within the confines of the clouds.. I love watching them weaving through my street, the house sparrows watch in dismay as they screech around their neighbourhood. Mind you the local cat, ducks and dives as they torment him, in the end his eyes all bright and wide he sits upon someones car roof and tries to catch any that come that little to close

Isn't the weather wonderful? I can not believe how fast the flowers that were in bud have suddenly blossomed into flower.Mind you the snails and the slugs have been feasting on my young carrot leaves, good job i have more seeds... Still a little under the weather, the sore throats gone, but the cougth in the middle of the night is still lurking! Sage woke up this morning with a sore throat and I'm hoping its nothing more as we are supposed to be going to the cinema tomorrow to watch Iron Man 2...

I watched 'The Fourth Kind', which is supposed to be based on true events and real footage and I'm still not convinced.. I'm not convinced that there are aliens out there, i believe its mankind that will be ' aliens', once we have colonized the skies, and reproduced upon new planets, there is your 'alien races'...Anyhow, enjoy this beautiful weather and be safe in the sun, and have a wonderful and restful weekend

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wisteria Lane Has Come to The City..

Today, i am ill, i seemed to have caught a summer flu.. Yesterday i was ill and spent most of the day on the sofa sipping Beecham powders, But Monday i was lucky enougth to be able to go out and do a little shopping... I treated myself to a Wisteria plant, its in flower and its a lovely size so i was more than happy to take it home with me.. Its outside the Kitchen window where i hope it will cover the wall and bless me with the wonderful scent and image of this wonderful plant cascading around the kitchen window each Spring.. The weather seems to have got better and looks more like Late Spring out there, not much longer till its the height of summer and we can really enjoy the English countryside..

Like so many of you i was lucky to find the Cath Kidston freebie in the Easy Living Magazine, now I'm not really a fan of her work, but free tote shopping bag that's kinda pretty, that did it for me,love a bargain.. Anyhow, time to wake my boy up for school, do have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather...

Oh, before you go, i need some help.. I would like to invest in a sewing machine, but I'm not sure which one to get, i need one for a beginner and on a tight budget.. Your advice would be really appreciated...

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Brought this on DVD Friday and watched it yesterday evening and its an amazing film, the special effects are beautiful and i wished i could have climbed into the film and wandered this enchanted world.. Its a must for adults as well as children.
Have you seen the weather? Its raining AGAIN! The weather was beautiful yesterday and i thought at last the plants can get much needed sun and start to fill out, but no, Gaia thinks they are in need of more water...

My sister and i finally received out inheritance last week, its only taken them over a year to finalize things, considering they said 6 months at the most.. I don't think it helps when the solicitors are so far away and we have had to deal with matters via the phone, email and snail mail! I'm just glad its all over with now.. I never real knew my father, he left my mother when i was a small girl and she couldn't cope and put us into a home, eventually when i was 18 i met up with my father, but things never worked out and i never saw him again until i was 38..And what a disappointment that was, he was a nasty vindictive man and i choose not to have him in my life, so i was quite shocked and i little surprised that he had left his estate to my sister and i...Anyhow, on a lighter note, im off snail hunting, im sure they are loving the feast that awaits them... Have a wonderful Sunday..

Thursday, 13 May 2010

To be inspired

You can check out more of this story here

Saw this article and it made me think of when my dreads were to my waist and i always said that when i cut i would do it for Comic Relief, unfortunately, i never and i just cut, now, when i think about it, i should have had more patience and earned some money for the charity.. They do say that we carry our essence within our hair and any negativity gets trapped, i think that's why we all feel a lot lighter when we do cut off our dreads, and I'm not just talking about the weight of them.

This lady had hers for 22 years, so she must feel so much fresher and freer, i know i did, and i only had mine 10 years. She will so miss them and it will take her some time to get used to them, but good on her... My hair is now almost as long as my dreads were and if i do choose to go short i will defiantly do it for charity..

Sunday, 9 May 2010

More like winter....

Its cold and I'm sat here with a hot water bottle, mind you the fact that its that dreaded time of the month doesn't help matters.. Greys Anatomy's on and Sage is hanging out with friends... Kitties outside hoping to bag a mouse and Smudgers sat by my feet, i imagine hes trying to bag a bit of warmth as well.. May and its bloody freezing, i wonder if the volcanic ash has had an effect on the weather? I refuse to put the heating on though, iv got plenty of blankets and throws so they will get plenty of use as well as looking pretty on the sofas..So, how about you, is it cold where you are and are you like me and a lover of throws, who loves to snuggle under them on a dreary Sunday evening and catch up on your favorite TV shows?

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

In an English Country Garden....

So far....

Spring Onions
French Beans
A type of daisy that i can not remember the name

All the climbers so far that i planted to grow up and around the arches are doing well, the honeysuckle loves being in the shade and is thriving.. The white clematis is really rambling up the other arch while the pink one seems a little slower, but come next year there is going to be one beautiful show. The weathers been wet, wet, wet and this had brought out the slugs in their droves, not so many snails iv noticed so maybe theres a hedgehog feasting, wish the birds would do the same on them slugs. I'm still on the look out for some rambling roses but yet to find any that speak to me. Kittie brought in a catch the other day, a tiny little mouse, i was gutted as I'm sure its from the ones at the bottom of the garden, but then hes only doing what comes naturally, but it still a shame, nature is so cruel at times..Anyhow, the weekend is upon us yet again and we should be in the garden soaking up the Spring, but looking out the window and seeing the grey skies and the raindrops falling from the sky has put a dampener on that.. Whatever you choose to do and if your lucky enougth to see the sun, have a wonderful weekend....

Monday, 3 May 2010

A little taste of heaven...

Just a little something for my sofa now that the warmer weather is on its way, i still get a little chilly in the evenings and this is perfect to throw over my lap and snuggle down with Kittie..

The fight continues...

After smoking for almost 25 years and trying to give up on a number of occasions, i finally managed to succeed two years ago today. That's two years of NOT SMOKING!! Yay, i know that i will NEVER put a cigarette into my mouth ever again. Nasty, Nasty habit.. Yes, i have become one of those non smokers that really hates smoking, i hate the way it makes you smell after you have had one, and boy can i smell it now.. I look at the younger generation and i can not believe they still choose to smoke even after they know all about the dangers! Don't get me wrong there is a moment now and then that i do get a whiff of the smoke and think,i would love to have a puff, but i know that i will never do it... So today, I'm gonna congratulate myself and know that I'm truly a non smoker!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beltane Blessings....

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Beltaine (also known as Beltane and May Day) falls on 1st May with the evening of 30th April being known as Beltaine Eve or May Eve. It is an ancient fertility festival.

Beltaine is associated with the Celtic God, Bel (also known as Belenus and Balor). Bel is a God of light, fire and the Sun. Fires are an important custom at Beltaine and people would leap over them to ensure their fertility. Cattle were also driven through the ashes or between two fires to ensure a good milk yield.

The Beltaine fire was kindled with Birch twigs and much of the festival was spent with couples frolicking in the woods. A Maypole, representing the phallus and made from Birch wood was erected or was sometimes a living Birch tree and fertility dances were performed around it to ensure good health and abundant crops.

As at Samhain, the veil between our world and the Underworld is considered to be thin at this time and the spirits of our Ancestors can be contacted.

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Blessings to you all, on this wonderful first day of May. The above information was for those that wondered what Beltane meant and where it came from...Personally i celebrate when i see the flowers open on the Hawthorn tree, dont ask me why i do iv always done it that way...

Iv recently come into some money, well i say recently, it was left to me a year ago and iv only just recieved the letter to say they will be releasing the funds as soon as i send back the paper work, so im looking to invest in a sewing machine.. I was wondering if any of you crafty women out there could advise me which one is the best one to get, regarding budget, performance and of course for someone who is a novice, i would really grateful for any advice...Im so tired today, for some reason iv been waking up in the wee hours of the morning and finding it really hard to go back to sleep, so this morning after tossing around in bed for a few hours i got up at the early time of 6, i know later i will creep back into my bed for a cat nap! LOL..The sun seems to be shining, so im going for a gentle potter around the garden.. Have a wonderful first day of May whatever you choose to do