Sunday, 17 May 2009

In between the rain

May so far has been more like March and April together. The winds have been gale like and iv even seen large hailstones hitting the earth! In between the rain i have managed to capture some flowers there will be more to come..

My next door neighbour has a wonderful garden and we are often swapping plants, seeds and advice. Here, i was kindly given a beautiful Ladies bonnet flower, which i have had my eye on for a number of years and keep praying that the seeds would somehow find their way into my garden, but sadly not as yet, and Carolle was so kind in letting me have this one, i will save the seeds and scatter for next year. Yay!!
Mmmmm, French Lavender, i do have some Lavender growing from seed that i planted in March, but i really wanted some of this French Lavender, so pretty..

I love Daisy flowers, they always remind me of a Country cottage and so i have made sure i have planted plenty.

Not sure of the name of this amazing little blue flower, but i do think its a wild flower, kindly given to me again by Carolle, a few years ago and used to be at the bottom wild part of the garden and this spring i moved to the top of the garden and its doing really well..
The garden seems to be doing well so far, the runner beans are starting to flower and i even have a resident blackbird building her nest in the Elder at the bottom of the garden, how blessed am i?.. The Sunflowers that i grew from the bird seed are also doing well, that great in fact iv had to put them into the garden and i pray each night it stays mild. The Blueberry bush is providing some flowers and the Strawberries are going made, there will be photos of these soon.. In the meantime enjoy you Sunday, wherever you are..

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Guilty Cat and a Chef

Mmmm, whats this hanging from my mouth?
What Bird?????? I have not seen any bird, honest! (LOL, its only a feather from a duster)....

Cooked by Sage himself and it was beautiful

Vegetarian Cottage Pie

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Around the Garden, Part 2...

For me, along with Daffodiles, Primroses herald the start of Spring and remind of woodlands
I divided my Strawberry plant this year and got three more, they have rewarded me with plenty of flowers

My runnerbeans are doing really well so far, at night i do fleece them..

Where there are mushrooms, there be fairies...

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beltane Blessings and around the Garden Part 1..

Some seedlings, here there are Sunflowers, Tomato and Gourds, there are many many trays like this around the garden in the day but then in the evening they take over the kitchen and bathroom!
My baby Passion flower with some Sweet peas

Iv forgotten the name of this climber but eventually it will bloom with wonderful white flowers, i also forgot to mention that the Passion flower is also white..

Blueberry bush, with some flowers already..

Bluebells that have been blessed to appear into my garden for many years now, there are so many i can pick some for the house and have their scent everywhere..
There are some more pictures to come... Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your May bank holiday!...