Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Countdown, Day 1..

I will try and make a post every day during November, leading up to the 30th, which by the way is my 40th!, as some of you know, i have had massive issues with reaching this milestone, so much so that i now have Panic attacks, one which was really bad at the weekend.. So, even if its one word, i will post how i feel every day leading up to that Birthday.

So, this morning i awoke having slept through the night for the first time in ages, although the viris i seem to have caught over the past few days is still hanging on in there, but at least the room has stopped spinning and my neck feels like its still attached to my head! I look in the mirror and i still look pale and those wrinkles under the eyes seem a little too eager this morning. My head is hurting so its a mug of coffee and a paracetomol.. Lets see what the day brings as i take my first step closer to my 40th this month.. Wish me luck!!

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