Saturday, 22 November 2008

Day 22..

I'm putting my tree up soon, next Sunday or Monday, Yay!, cant wait. Iv got some bits already up, like my little tree in the kitchen, that have dried sliced oranges hanging on and my Snowmen are gathered throughout the Living room. The picture here was taken last year but you get an idea of what the mantle looks like, that will also go up in the next week!
I'm feeling a lot better this morning, i awoke at 4.10, let the cat out at 5, and went back to bed until 7, i have not done that for quite a few years, so my body is starting to settle down, at last. I'm still not well enougth to go out for my birthday but there will be plenty of time to do that when I'm feeling a lot better..
We have a big chill coming to the UK shores over the next few days, it hasn't hit Gloucestershire that bad yet, but I'm sure the Cotswold's and the Forest might be lucky and see a little snow.. Wherever you may be have a safe and wonderful weekend.

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