Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Day 25..

Had my blood test done now all i have to do is wait until Friday for the results, no ECG results until then either.. I was a little shaky at first to go to the Doctors, but then my sister came with me, and as long as someone is with me i feel fine!

5 days until the big 4 0, and i feel numb about it, I'm not even going to celebrate it, well, that's how i feel today, maybe when I'm feeling better i might like to do something.

The weathers really cold here i just noticed a frost on the cars as i opened the curtains, still no snow, but they are saying the weathers going to get mild again and then cold at the weekend, but a little colder than we have had..

Can't wait until Dec the 1st, i can put the tree up, YAY!!!!

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