Thursday, 20 November 2008

Day 20..

Iv had a really bad turn, it seems my power surges have increased and with them comes a coldness within the body, now this really frightened me but the Doctors assure me its all part of the illness.. I have an appointment on Monday for blood tests and the doctor has increased the dosage of the tablets and i slept quite well last night. Iv also asked my Doctor if i could talk to someone who can help me deal with the situation and to understand it better, its all well and good taking a pill, but i want to know why this has started to happen and help myself on the road to recovery and getting 'me' back again.. November was supposed to be an account of my feelings leading up to my 4oth, but it seems the power surges have been taken over the posts, but then im sure its all connected in some way...

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