Friday, 14 November 2008

Day 14..

I love this picture on the left, but i can not remember where i got it from on the Internet, so please leave me a comment if its yours and i will of course give you credit..
Yesterday, i managed to get some more Christmas shopping done and almost had a turn in the Supermarket again! I think its because its so bright and hot in there its enougth to make anyone have power surges.. The results regarding the ECG will be at my Doctors in about 2 weeks, so i can finally find out if these palpitations/flutterings are anything to worry about. I just found out that my Grandmother on my dads side of the family, died in her twenties because she was born with a hole in her heart! I never knew her and that's a shame.
Im still not looking forward to my 40th, but its fast approaching, im hoping that once it passes i can finally begin to have some fun, after all they do say life begins then.. LOL....

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