Saturday, 8 November 2008

Day 8...

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The doctor has prescribed me some Anti Depressants that also deal with Panic attacks, it seems this strong, confident, independent women has finally become a loony toon, LOL, I'm laughing at that by the way, if i cant still have my sense of humor, than iv well and truly had it!.. I'm just so glad iv finally been diagnosed after months of thinking there was something really wrong with me.I can now walk the path to getting better and back on track and maybe start to embrace my forties with a smile on my face.
There is nothing more scary than a panic attack, and its the most scariest thing i have been through in my life and iv seen some scary stuff. The thing that frightened me the most was the feeling that i was going to have some kind of seizure/fit, especially in front of Sage.That's the last thing a twelve year old boy wants to witness. Anyhow, yesterday was an OK day and i managed to get out for a walk with a friend, it was good to be about to breathe in some fresh air after spending so long inside.. Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday and i should remember our fallen hero's and those that are still fighting, that's a post for tomorrow though.

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