Thursday, 29 April 2010

Getting back into work is so hard

Iv joined another organisation that's supposed to help the lone parent back into work. I say another because this is the third one, and I'm hoping that this is third time lucky. It takes up a lot of my time job searching and they have advised me to go to a charity shop and volunteer, which i have done in the past, so i know what to expect. Iv decided to go to the one i like to frequent often to get my bargains, plus i like the ladies in there. So I'm off there in a mo to offer my services. Now this should look good on my CV. The fact that i already have many years in the retail trade doesn't seem to be helping to get me back into work, i seem to get about 3 interviews out of every 10 CV's sent! I'm sure its because i have not worked in the retail outlets for quite some time. My last job was working with animals and until i can afford a car, shop work is the next best thing. Wish me luck and have a wonderful day...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Non paying guests

It seems i have been chosen to accommodate these creatures this summer, but they are squatting right outside the backdoor and i cant have that so close to the house.. We have bees that nest at the side of the house and i refuse to move them due to their numbers dying out, but I'm afraid wasps are another matter, although i wont kill them i will have to get some stuff that deters them, any ideas?

A few years ago they were nesting in my compost bin and since that's at the bottom of the garden i left them to it, the nest was quite small when they left it but I'm sure that there were thousands in there..

Weathers not too great this morning, and we had some rain last night, fingers crossed the sun comes out to play later!

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Another wonderful bargain from EBay, can you believe i only paid 99p for my gingham curtains?, mind you i paid £6.95 for postage, but it was still a bargain... Especially when iv seen the same pair for £79.99...

Watching Gardner's world at the moment, missed it last night so watching it on demand, they are talking about long grasses at the moment and that's something iv got to buy for my cottage garden.. I managed to get some great plants at the market yesterday, but because we might get some more frosts I'm going to leave them in the greenhouse until the middle of May... Had to get some tomatoes plants as my seeds for some reason never germinated

Sage seems to be suffering from Hayfever this Spring and iv been told that if i bake some flapjacks with some local honey its suppossed to help with his snuffles.. Have a wonderful Saturday and if your lucky like me, enjoy your garden and the lovley weather..

Friday, 23 April 2010

St.George's Day

Who was St George?

St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The king's soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Earth Day April 22nd 2010

40th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2010....
Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future. For more information check out the website below and see where you can do your bit for Earth Day

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's my one weakness

Do you like my new lampshade? Ebay bargain at £5.50, but it took forever to get here.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Day Dreaming

This chair is to die for! And it can be found at Sweetpea and Willow the link is as follows www.http//

On another note, when i got up this morning i noticed that the cars had a light dusty of volcanic ash on them, almost pinky looking, amazing how its come this far and they reckon theres more to come. The earth is still shaking in Iceland, can't really blame Mother Nature from getting upset now and then can you?

Im off to settle down in that chair and to do some day dreaming..

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lazy Sunday

(Picture from Google images)

Have a wonderful sunday and enjoy the sun.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Skies are Clear

Volcanic ash cloud forces more UK flight restrictions airports across the UK have been deserted and passengers left stranded.
Restrictions on UK airspace due to the threat posed to planes by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland have been extended until 0100 BST on Sunday.

To many that live around the airports across the UK this is a blessing, the weather is nice enougth for them to actually open their windows and sit in their gardens and enjoy the peace of the skies not to mention the fresh air that is free from air plane fumes. I wonder how much CO2 levels have gone down in the past few days!

I wish my pictures would load, i managed to find some beautiful plates yesterday in a Charity shop, they are white with pink roses and go nicely with the jug i got last week. I also managed to get a cake stand that has a picture of blackberries and the blackberry flower on, looks great on the dresser and all for a fiver!

I'm trying really hard to buy from charity shops rather than big companies and so far I'm doing great and saving myself a fortune. I noticed on EBay the other night that these plates, cups and jugs are going for a fortune! Much better to take a walk around the local charity shops and bag a bargain and help others at the same time i say..

The weathers been great, so much so iv been in the garden, putting up another arch for some rambling roses and iv planted some white Clematis.. The strawberry plants are doing well and the potatoes are reaching for the sky faster that i can earth them back up! A lot of the seeds i planted in the green house never germinated and so i had to re do a few at the weekend and there seems to be movement now. Fingers crossed.. The Chives i grew from seed last year are flourishing as well as the Lavender, although the French lavender did not make it through the harsh winter, nor did my Passion flower which I'm gutted about.. Anyhow time to get on with the housework, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and those living next to the airports, enjoy your gardens!

Friday, 9 April 2010

What a Gift

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? Well iv just entered my first blog giveaway, so fingers crossed. Go and take a look at this lovely blog

If you have trouble with the link its Clover Cottage over there on the right!

Went to my local Farmers market today and came away with some goodies, i so wish i could upload the pictures because they are beautiful. My main buy was two white clematis's for the archway at the bottom of the garden. I'm still looking for a white rambling rose but for now they will look great. I brought a lovely cream iron heart from the PDSA Charity shop, it has a little bird engraved on it. In another charity shop i managed to get a beautiful white jug with pink and blue flowers on it for only a couple of pounds and it came with a matching bowl The weather has been lovely and at last it feels like Spring is finally here to stay.. The gardens starting to awake and the trees are filling up with the sound of birdsong.

Time to go and feed Smudger, hes starting to dribble over my feet.. Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A day in the life....

A few posts ago i said i was going to feature a blog each month and this one i stumbled upon this morning made me smile. Now i love animals especially wildlife and i get really excited whenever i see i squirrel in my garden so imagine my surprise when i discover that this lovely lady was lucky enougth to have a squirrel as a pet.

This websites mainly his antics but there is a link on this site that will take you to his owner if your interested, so follow the link and put a smile on your face each morning while you follow his daily antics...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs

wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER....

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Eleventh Hour

It returns ..... Tonight BBC One 6.20 pm