Friday, 29 August 2008


The ECG results showed all was well, so that's good news and the Doctor says its OK to start working out again, Phew! However, that's still not explained these dizzy spells and feeling of wanting to pass out all the time.. But.. the word, PANIC ATTACK, keeps being thrown at me! Why would all of a sudden, would i start to get these? I must admit the day of that first feeling was not long after i had made an appointment at the Dentist (again) and i knew that this time they would peel the skin back on my gum and i was shitting myself. But why would i still be getting the spells, 10 days on? I do have another appointment to see the Doctor on the 10th, so we shall see what else and what other tests they have in store for me!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lost skin and scrapes

Iv not been to well lately, iv been experiencing fainting spells, with the feeling of being sick. The doctor came out to me last Friday and i was given some anti biotics, due to the infection in my gum, that two previous trips to the dentist and two lot's of medication failed to take the infection away! Although the tablets have made the gum more bearable, there are still moments of wanting to pass out! Friday i will have an ECG test done and more can be assessed after that, hope i get the all clear, iv not worked out for two weeks and im already feeling the effects!

Can you believe it's September in a few days?, iv noticed the mornings are getting darker already! But this summer has been lousy, iv lost a lot of food in the garden, no runner beans this year and the tomatoes are in very short supply..

Sage goes back to school next Wednesday, he will enter year eight, which back in my day was the second year of secondary school, i believe he's looking forward to getting back, but will miss his time at the skate park! Sage went on a train with his friends for the first time last weekend and i was a bag of nerves, i kept thinking he is only 12 and shouldn't be so independent yet, but then i think yes he is 12, almost 13 and its a good thing hes so independent! Plus it also lets him know that i trust him to make the right decisions and do the right thing.. Mind you he phoned me a few hours later, having had a little accident on his Skates and scrapping the skin of his nose and chin!

Iv got to enter the unknown today, money still needs to go into the bank to pay the bills, ill or not ill, so a gentle walk and plenty of places to rest is on the cards this morning....

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Like snow? Count the number of fogs.

According to folklore, “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall.”

More August folklore includes:

“If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long.”

“If a cold August follows a hot July, it foretells a winter hard and dry.”

Monday, 11 August 2008

Look closer, it's the little things in life that make you happy!

Look closer, for you will see it.. See, a baby Blackbird! This little fella was born and raised within the garden and still visits to this day, the picture was taken about June though, i was pottering around in the garden and there he was.. I had to shout to my son to get his phone and take a picture, which the bird allowed before leaving..
It's the little things like this that truely make you happy!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Total Randomness

Total randomness, my son took this picture a while ago now and iv just found it in the picture file and thought i would post it upon the blog. I love how he did it and have no idea how it was done on his mobile! He has mentioned lately he would love a 'real' camera for Yule, so he can take really cool pictures and see if he has a talent and a gift with it.. Im treating myself to one for Yule so i may as well buy two at the same time...

Have a wonderful weekend all~..

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Gale force winds in the face

Just a quickie this morning.. But the weather is shit, feels like the beginning of winter out there, always raining and always a gale of a wind blowing in your face, which annoys me more than the rain!

Still a Non Smoker, Yay, the money saved every month, certaintly helps and has become an incentive to never smoke again!.. Must enter the unknown today, and see what the Universe has in store..

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Summer Sun and Summer Storms

What a naughty blogger i am, it's been a few months since i last left anything on the blog, but then i do, do these things.. Set up a blog and have every intention of writing there most days and before i know it, the novety has worn off..

Any how, we had the first harvest and to celebrate my sister and i went to a Barndance at our local animal park, wasn't as fun as i remember in my youth, but the money went towards the animals up keep...

August has welcomed us with rain and cloudy Autumn skies, i thought we had at least 6 more weeks of gentle summer before that all kicked in?

The picture you see at the top of the page are the birds we saw at the Medieval Festival Sage and myself go to every year, sorry, but thats the only picture i managed to take and then i took it on my phone! It's a wonderful weekend and one of the few free festivals going in the Summer..

Well, its that time of the year when you know the children will be going back to school soon and we will enter Autumn and before we know it, the grip of Winter will be upon us, i hope that with the price of fuel and food increasing almost on a daily occurance that we can all manage to get through the Winter safe and warm..