Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Walking a different path

To me, Cities are unnatural places, houses that are too close togeather, concreate everywhere you look, plastic bags adorn nearby trees and nature has to fight daily, with the rubbish we humans disregard at every given moment.. Cars, almost like bugs, speed along highways and side roads, killing yet more of nature and the inhabitants of Gaia. Smog chokes your lungs, and the smell of the City is enougth to send you running to the hills.

I haven't always lived here, iv been lucky enougth to travel throughout the land of the Britions. From the Highlands to the tip of the south in Cornwall. My favorite place is Glen Co, up in the Highlands, Scotland. I fell in love with the hills and the solitude the first time i went through this magical place and one day i intend on returning, hopefully in my converted bus, to blend away into the hills and be at one with this humble place.

Next week, my life is about to take a different turn and hopefully lead me one step closer to fulfilling that dream of escaping the City, i long for it and embrace whatever comes my way, i feel excited and yet nervous at finally getting back into the mainstream. Who knows where this path is taking me, as long as im no longer lost within the City, anything could be a blessing..

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