Saturday, 23 February 2008

Escaping the City

Well, as hard as i tried to go to the market yesterday, i never actually made it out of the door..Once i had stopped being sick, i had to crawl back onto the sofa, with a box of tissues and some duff TV... Sage was great and went to the local corner shop to get some food for the cats and the dog, so i had been given another day to try and get better from this flu bug!
After sleeping well, although my nose is still red and swollen, i feel like i could make it outside into some fresh air this morning. The city is going to be crawling this morning and i always make a point of NOT going into the centre on a Saturday, but i need to go and get a new shopping trolly, my other one broke on Tuesday. There's a bright pink one with white spirals on that's caught my eye, that'll get me noticed!
My course starts on the 6th March, 10.30 am till 2.30 pm, which is great, cause it gives me time to do my housework and workouts in the morning and then i can get home in time for when Sage gets in from school. It's not for long and apparently they find you a work placement, so not only are you getting the qualifications that you need, your also getting the experience thats needed.. Yay, i can not wait to get out there and start earning a living, so that myself and Sage can eventually escape this City life!

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