Friday, 8 February 2008

Lost within a City

I hate it here..Lost within a City, that i hate! Where would i much rather be?, lost within a meadow, living off the land with my own chickens and the odd goat... A horse with a little carraige to get around in would be great, vegetables growing on my own little space on Gaia, with only the birds, trees and nature for company...

This is my life, and how im going to put the above into reality, no matter how long it takes, im going to live that dream, of how life really should be.

Im a 39 year old single mum to one child, well i say child, he's almost 12 years of age now and in ancient cultures, well on his way to becoming a man, in this blog, he will be known as Sage, and me, well you can call me Meadow.

We live in a City in the UK, its an old Roman City, right on the brink of beautiful countryside, but i hate living here.. I spend hours dreaming of getting out of here, and living in an old converted bus, trailer, even an old train that iv spotted abandoned on the railway lines near the field where i take our Collie for walks and where i like to commune with nature, if thats at all possible it a dirty, grim filled City, full of Chaves and drunks... Get out, i hear you say, stop complaining and just leave, if you hate it that much, but.. its not as easy as you think and belive me, i have tried... I don't own my own house and i don't really have a great job, i went back to college and then Uni to change all that, but when you are travelling over 100 miles a day and on a low income and the car gets broken into and you cant afford to have it repaired, you tend to put these things on hold until things get a little better.. Well a few years later and Sage a little older, im going back to work, and in just over a weeks time i will embark on the first step to living that dream and getting out of this City..

I live in a 2 bedroom terraced house, neighbourhoods ok, but the summer can be a nightmare, idiots with their music so loud in their cars that my windows shake and sometimes i have to close the windows just so i don't have to listen to their crappy music! At least i have my garden to escape to, here i have tried to recreate a woodland theme, wild flowers, herbs a couple of trees and as much wildlife i can persuade to visit, with birdhouses and tables filled with nuts and seeds. Each summer i grow my own vegetables, as much as my little plot allows me to and here i dream of having a couple of chickens, one day soon.. But then the sounds of the city drift in and i am once again reminded that im lost within a City.

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