Sunday, 10 February 2008

Bluebells and Chickens

The moon had an amazing look to her last night, although its a waxing new moon, you could make out the rest of the orb, stars were bright but the tempeture dropped as it does on these wonderful early spring evenings..Waking up to another spring day makes you happy, you know that the cycle of the elements and natures wheel turns yet again and the summer will drift in before you know it..

Sage is still in slumber world, hes at that age now where he likes to stay up a little later than his mum,makes him feel like hes the only one awake in this big wide world.

Down my street there are a lot of bins outside peoples homes and yet the street looks like a Shanty town, why is it that when there are bins right in front of you, people still choose to chuck their rubbish on the roads and pavements? That really makes no sense to me at all! And what is it with men and kicking over all the bins at 3 am in the morning? Is that what drinking too much does to them? For some bizarre reason they have to kick everyones bins over, so not only do they wake everyone up, they have scattered yet more crap onto the streets!

Its amazing that when the first signs of spring presents itself how fast it advances.. It was not too long ago when i went into the garden at Yuletide, and the earth was deep in slumber, then a few weeks ago i noticed the first signs of Daffodiles gently pushing their way through the earth, even the Bluebells have surfaced from their slumber early and it was these that i noticed well before the Snowdrops, which to me is the first sign that Spring is on her way. Sundays are nice in the mornings, if you get into the garden, its quiet and sometimes if your real lucky you can hear the bells from the local church chime, and for a while it makes me forget that im lost within a City, but really working on my own bit of land and that soon the chickens and the ducks will waddle over, to nudge me gently for their breakfast..

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