Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sore throats and Chickens

Oh how i love these frosty Febuary mornings... The suns still low in the sky and the birds are singing in the trees and you know that those Summer days are only around the corner... Let me first credit the photograher Nathan Neely for the beautiful capture of the trees you see at the beginning of this post.
Tomorrow, i go and start a course that i hope will eventually lead me into a decent job, i wont say much more here, until i have been to the appointment tomorrow and know more myself..
Sage is feeling a little under the weather, i think he may have a cold, but then when you refuse to wear a coat and a scarf because of vanity reasons, you end up getting a chill.So, my little Sage is curled up under a duvet, playing on his PS2... He refuses to drink my homemade Lemon and Honey soother, knowing that it will soothe his throat, because he doesnt like it, iv said i will add a little sugar, but still he refuses...
Sage and i have talked about getting a couple of Chickens for such a long time now and we had decided that if we have not them by Yuletide this year we will buy them and their home as a Yuletide present to us both. Sage has offered not to have as many presents so that we can afford to get them, YAY! Now that coming from a 12 year old boy who lives for his skateboarding and his music is a present within itself.. Thank you Sage, mama loves you too.

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