Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Hills Have Eyes

Theres a couple of things that bother me regarding travelling and living in a mobile home. As a single women how safe is it really out there? I love the thought of doing it alone but i often think about the what ifs... If there are any females out there that come across this blog and travel alone please tell me how you cope with it all.. Do you park up where there are others or are you quite safe alone in the middle of nowhere, and what if you run into trouble? how do you get out of it?

I can imagine the first few nights are a little scary, till you learn to get over it and maybe stop watching those horror films like 'Wolf Creek' and 'The Hills have Eyes'! LOL... Still we cant let our fears stop us from living the life we so crave.. Even the thought of living in a cottage in the middle of nowhere has its moments, but then you do have the added bonus of stone walls and not a metal frame. Maybe, one day when im ready the Goddess will send me my Scottish Knight, to travel and live in the same manner as me and share the fun and love of the land.. We shall see. Maybe theres a soul mate out there also lost within the City.. (((Grins)))

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