Saturday, 9 February 2008

Songs of the Blackbirds

I love early mornings.. Everything is so quiet and new. Only the birds can be heard, its my favorite time of the day and allows me to set myself up for whatever may be thrown at me as i travel throughout the day. The suns risen nicely this morning and you know its going to be a beauitful Spring like day. A wonderful day to get into the garden and aid it from its winter slumber.. Compost needs to spread around the garden and weeds need to be pulled, ready for the new shoots and plants that will inhabit my space on this planet for another year. All this will be done once i have ventured into the unknown and collected a few bits from the local Supermarket. Oh, how i hate going there, buying foods that have travelled thousands of miles and cost the earth and its inhabitants, in most cases, life... Theres a little fruit and veg stall just around the corner from me, you would think that this would be better, but the fruits and vegetables have not travelled locally, but across the globe, sometimes in the summer months he has local vegetables from allotements, and thats when i tend to visit him more, thats if i haven't grown my own..

I hate all that plastic the supermarkets wrap their foods in, theres really no need for all that.. Vegetables and most fruit have their own skins to protect them, we can take our own bags rather than use their 'free' plastic bags! Mind you it wont be long before the season to forage is upon us, free cherries, blackberries and nuts, yay!

I like to take the back routes to the market, through the field that backs upon the railway lines, through a couple of alleys, and within 15 minutes im there, and most of the time i may not see a car or another human until i get into the carpark of the market and then its all noise and hustle and bustle from there onwards, then i have to fight my way through noisy crowds, just to get a few essentials, what is it with people and their trollies?, why on earth would you want to stand in the middle of the ailes yapping to someone, you really don't want to be talking to anyway, why would you want to stand in everyone elses way, and then look at them like they have done something wrong!

Anyhow, a few chores and then into the garden, and for a while, i can forget that im lost within a City....

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