Monday, 25 February 2008

It's all about me

Overslept this morning, which is very unlike me as i like to get up at the crack of dawn, so my body must have needed more rest to repair itself... Must say, im feeling a lot better this morning, so i may even do a workout in a few hours. I miss not doing my exersises when im ill, makes my body feel sluggish... I do box exersise, so i will take it easy this morning, let my body slowly ease into it once again.
Sage is feeling better, just in time for school tomorrow, bless him, he's been off for half term and spent it all being ill.. The skies blue this morning, and not as cold as its been of late, so after the chores have been done, i might get to spend some time in the garden, preparing some beds for some bulbs iv been saving for, although i shall wait until the end of April before i plant them, in case there are some late frosts to come..
Iv been thinking about buying a sewing machine, any sewing that i do, do, is all done by hand, and iv been saving up scraps of materials from clothes and other material thats meant something to me, in order to make a quilt, and eventually, i will need a sewing machine to make it look better at the end... I would also love to knit, so thats another hobby i want to get my teeth into.. And as well as that i really would love a new digital camera, my old ones not so great anymore and i miss not going out taking pictures of Gaia. Oh dear, its all about me this morning! Anyhow, time to make another cuppa and get on with the day, so, until next time..

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