Friday, 29 February 2008

Plastic society

Plastic bags and plastic food coverings are becoming the bane of our lives... M&S have decided to sell their carriar bags at 5p a go and will give the money to green spaces.. This is all well and good, but is not solving the problem, stop providing them in the first place! Im always amazed when i go shopping at the amount of people that still choose to use plastic bags as a way of transporting their goods home..Their trollies are piled high with them and these same people will then use the car to get it all home, do they not feel ashamed? i know i would...
A lot of supermarkets provide canves bags now and there are plenty of cardboard boxes to pack your goods into... Whats with all these plastic bags that are covering our fruit and vegetables?, theres really no need our wonderful mother earth provides them with skin!
The new debate is tap verses bottle water, water that is bottled say in another country, thousands of miles away and then sold here in Britian, but wait theres a flaw with this, many local people, mainly the poor, are drinking dirty polluted water, while the clean fresh stuff is being sold in really posh and expensive resturants all over the world!!!! What the F**** is that all about? how is that possible? How can a company take fresh water, sell it to the richer countries, yet know that the locals are still drinking dirty water and dying from it? That, well, leaves me gob smacked! Then all those millions and millions of water bottles are then discarded onto the beaches, woodlands and nature reserves to eventually break down into plastic pellets, for the wildlife to eat and then die out, what are we doing?, think people, think!
Can we as intellent animals really be that f****** stupid!!

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