Friday, 15 February 2008


I saw the most shocking video yesterday, if i was not already a vegetarian, i certainly would be one now. This film was so powerful, that i could not watch it all the way through, i stopped viewing after about 30 minutes, and i could not stop crying for the rest of the afternoon. What was the film? Earthlings, and it was showing how the food we eat, the pets we buy and the clothes we wear are brought to us and it was cruel, so cruel! I can not belive that there are people out there that do this for a living and then sleep at night, their heart and souls must be black!

Those images will stay with me now for life, i knew that this went on, but when its on the news i tend to close my eyes to the images, it makes me really angry and upsets me too much... The worse thing is that you or i can NOT do anything about this, we CAN'T stop this no matter how hard we try, what can we do? Sure we can stop eating meat, stop wearing clothes that are produced from animals and research where our pets are coming from, but this WILL carry on.. Unless, we all stand togeather and make a stand that this world has never seen, im afraid, its never going to happen, there are to many evil people on this planet that will stop anyone of us from stopping their cruelty, just so they can line their greedy little pockets with more money...

If this is the food we are eating, no wonder there is so much cruel and evilness in this world, how can we as spiritual humans, eat something that has been inhumanly and with such cruelty killed, all that suffering is within that meat and you are eating it... The very essence of that animal has gone into your body, and is fueling you as you go about your day... Something to think upon!

Wanna watch the film?

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