Thursday, 13 May 2010

To be inspired

You can check out more of this story here

Saw this article and it made me think of when my dreads were to my waist and i always said that when i cut i would do it for Comic Relief, unfortunately, i never and i just cut, now, when i think about it, i should have had more patience and earned some money for the charity.. They do say that we carry our essence within our hair and any negativity gets trapped, i think that's why we all feel a lot lighter when we do cut off our dreads, and I'm not just talking about the weight of them.

This lady had hers for 22 years, so she must feel so much fresher and freer, i know i did, and i only had mine 10 years. She will so miss them and it will take her some time to get used to them, but good on her... My hair is now almost as long as my dreads were and if i do choose to go short i will defiantly do it for charity..

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