Wednesday, 5 May 2010

In an English Country Garden....

So far....

Spring Onions
French Beans
A type of daisy that i can not remember the name

All the climbers so far that i planted to grow up and around the arches are doing well, the honeysuckle loves being in the shade and is thriving.. The white clematis is really rambling up the other arch while the pink one seems a little slower, but come next year there is going to be one beautiful show. The weathers been wet, wet, wet and this had brought out the slugs in their droves, not so many snails iv noticed so maybe theres a hedgehog feasting, wish the birds would do the same on them slugs. I'm still on the look out for some rambling roses but yet to find any that speak to me. Kittie brought in a catch the other day, a tiny little mouse, i was gutted as I'm sure its from the ones at the bottom of the garden, but then hes only doing what comes naturally, but it still a shame, nature is so cruel at times..Anyhow, the weekend is upon us yet again and we should be in the garden soaking up the Spring, but looking out the window and seeing the grey skies and the raindrops falling from the sky has put a dampener on that.. Whatever you choose to do and if your lucky enougth to see the sun, have a wonderful weekend....

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Kath said...

That darling little green shoot made me smile. He has such a happy face and reminds me of the Cadburys Smash men. I am showing my age as well now LOL