Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer within the City

Last evening, i heard that distinctive scream that told me that Summer was finally here. Those beautiful flying machines that weave and scream their arrival within the City, the humble Swift..I cant believe that they spend most of their lives within the sky, they eat, sleep and mate within the confines of the clouds.. I love watching them weaving through my street, the house sparrows watch in dismay as they screech around their neighbourhood. Mind you the local cat, ducks and dives as they torment him, in the end his eyes all bright and wide he sits upon someones car roof and tries to catch any that come that little to close

Isn't the weather wonderful? I can not believe how fast the flowers that were in bud have suddenly blossomed into flower.Mind you the snails and the slugs have been feasting on my young carrot leaves, good job i have more seeds... Still a little under the weather, the sore throats gone, but the cougth in the middle of the night is still lurking! Sage woke up this morning with a sore throat and I'm hoping its nothing more as we are supposed to be going to the cinema tomorrow to watch Iron Man 2...

I watched 'The Fourth Kind', which is supposed to be based on true events and real footage and I'm still not convinced.. I'm not convinced that there are aliens out there, i believe its mankind that will be ' aliens', once we have colonized the skies, and reproduced upon new planets, there is your 'alien races'...Anyhow, enjoy this beautiful weather and be safe in the sun, and have a wonderful and restful weekend

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