Sunday, 16 May 2010


Brought this on DVD Friday and watched it yesterday evening and its an amazing film, the special effects are beautiful and i wished i could have climbed into the film and wandered this enchanted world.. Its a must for adults as well as children.
Have you seen the weather? Its raining AGAIN! The weather was beautiful yesterday and i thought at last the plants can get much needed sun and start to fill out, but no, Gaia thinks they are in need of more water...

My sister and i finally received out inheritance last week, its only taken them over a year to finalize things, considering they said 6 months at the most.. I don't think it helps when the solicitors are so far away and we have had to deal with matters via the phone, email and snail mail! I'm just glad its all over with now.. I never real knew my father, he left my mother when i was a small girl and she couldn't cope and put us into a home, eventually when i was 18 i met up with my father, but things never worked out and i never saw him again until i was 38..And what a disappointment that was, he was a nasty vindictive man and i choose not to have him in my life, so i was quite shocked and i little surprised that he had left his estate to my sister and i...Anyhow, on a lighter note, im off snail hunting, im sure they are loving the feast that awaits them... Have a wonderful Sunday..

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