Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spiders and Daylight

Last night we took part in the Earth Hour protest and we were all snuggled down for the evening, me, i was ready to watch Lost and Sage, well he was lost within the World Wide Web. Half way through, Kit needed feeding and while i missed the spider the first time there was no mistaking the beast when i returned to the cupboard to replace Kits food, Eek, it was massive and had only been inches away from my face!

Now i love all creatures but spiders really do freak me out and the bigger they are the more I'm scared, so, I'm sorry to say the hoover came out and the lights came back on.

British Summer time began this morning in my household, all the clocks have gone forward an hour, which means we lose an hour in bed tomorrow morning but we gain an extra hour of daylight this evening, so i guess Spring is finally here and summer is a matter of a few months away... Enjoy the rest of your weekend..

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