Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How time slips by.

(Picture by Google images)

That's how old my son is today, and that's quite frightening how fast the years have gone by. So if you have young children at the moment, enjoy every second because before you know it they turn into teenagers and are lost forever, well, for a while anyway.. I miss how Sage would throw his arms around my neck and tell me constantly how much he loves me, I'm lucky if i get a grunt now.. Heheheheheh, but i soooo love him and i know he feels the same about me.

The weathers shit here in the UK, some parts of the North have snow again, but mainly we have gale winds and rain, its the end of March and we normally have wonderful spring weather by now..

Iv been spending a lot of time in Blogland these past few days, it gets quite addictive doesn't it?, i jump from one link to another getting lost within worlds for hours at a time and there are some wonderful blogs out there, so each month I'm going to mention a blog and leave a link so others can enjoy getting lost in another world for a while.

I'm also still having trouble putting up some new photos and its driving me mad, i can upload them to the laptop but then when i want to share them either on here or my face book they never load and theres always a problem, so if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, please tell me... Have a wonderful wet Wednesday and i will see you all soon..

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