Thursday, 25 March 2010

Earth Hour Sat March 27th 2010

(Picture from Google images)

At 8.30 pm millions will switch their lights off for one hour across the globe, joining in unity to highlight the plight of the earths struggle to deal with us humans and the pollution we send out, which is slowly chocking our planet to death. To find out more check out this site and please do your bit for the only home we have.
Like the new look, yea, me too... The weathers been..... wet! But then it will help the garden to blossom, mind you the suns out at the moment, but i know we have rain on its way later, so i must venture out into the unknown before then.. I'm having trouble loading photos from my camera onto my blog, i think they are too big, but i don't know how to make them smaller, and its been driving me mad!
It's Sages 14' th next Wednesday, i can not believe how fast those years have gone by, and its only a matter of a few more before he travels his path as a man! I was watching a program on the TV the other night about Americans that have baby monkeys and treat them almost like their children, and i fell in love with the idea, but then the breeders take the baby away from their mothers and to me that's cruel. Monkeys feel that lost of a child like we do and i found the whole idea disgusting..
The Daffs have opened their heads in the garden and iv noticed the birds preparing their nests, the clocks go forward and hour at the weekend and Spring will have finally begun her journey to Summer and before we know it we shall be basking in Midsummer!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun and appreciate what you have....

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