Friday, 9 April 2010

What a Gift

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? Well iv just entered my first blog giveaway, so fingers crossed. Go and take a look at this lovely blog

If you have trouble with the link its Clover Cottage over there on the right!

Went to my local Farmers market today and came away with some goodies, i so wish i could upload the pictures because they are beautiful. My main buy was two white clematis's for the archway at the bottom of the garden. I'm still looking for a white rambling rose but for now they will look great. I brought a lovely cream iron heart from the PDSA Charity shop, it has a little bird engraved on it. In another charity shop i managed to get a beautiful white jug with pink and blue flowers on it for only a couple of pounds and it came with a matching bowl The weather has been lovely and at last it feels like Spring is finally here to stay.. The gardens starting to awake and the trees are filling up with the sound of birdsong.

Time to go and feed Smudger, hes starting to dribble over my feet.. Have a wonderful weekend


LissyLou said...

just found you through craftytrundler.
Such a shame but her shop/giveaway will not be for a while now as her pc is broken :(

Meadow said...

That is a shame, i hope shes back on line asap....