Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Skies are Clear

Volcanic ash cloud forces more UK flight restrictions airports across the UK have been deserted and passengers left stranded.
Restrictions on UK airspace due to the threat posed to planes by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland have been extended until 0100 BST on Sunday.

To many that live around the airports across the UK this is a blessing, the weather is nice enougth for them to actually open their windows and sit in their gardens and enjoy the peace of the skies not to mention the fresh air that is free from air plane fumes. I wonder how much CO2 levels have gone down in the past few days!

I wish my pictures would load, i managed to find some beautiful plates yesterday in a Charity shop, they are white with pink roses and go nicely with the jug i got last week. I also managed to get a cake stand that has a picture of blackberries and the blackberry flower on, looks great on the dresser and all for a fiver!

I'm trying really hard to buy from charity shops rather than big companies and so far I'm doing great and saving myself a fortune. I noticed on EBay the other night that these plates, cups and jugs are going for a fortune! Much better to take a walk around the local charity shops and bag a bargain and help others at the same time i say..

The weathers been great, so much so iv been in the garden, putting up another arch for some rambling roses and iv planted some white Clematis.. The strawberry plants are doing well and the potatoes are reaching for the sky faster that i can earth them back up! A lot of the seeds i planted in the green house never germinated and so i had to re do a few at the weekend and there seems to be movement now. Fingers crossed.. The Chives i grew from seed last year are flourishing as well as the Lavender, although the French lavender did not make it through the harsh winter, nor did my Passion flower which I'm gutted about.. Anyhow time to get on with the housework, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and those living next to the airports, enjoy your gardens!

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