Sunday, 25 April 2010

Non paying guests

It seems i have been chosen to accommodate these creatures this summer, but they are squatting right outside the backdoor and i cant have that so close to the house.. We have bees that nest at the side of the house and i refuse to move them due to their numbers dying out, but I'm afraid wasps are another matter, although i wont kill them i will have to get some stuff that deters them, any ideas?

A few years ago they were nesting in my compost bin and since that's at the bottom of the garden i left them to it, the nest was quite small when they left it but I'm sure that there were thousands in there..

Weathers not too great this morning, and we had some rain last night, fingers crossed the sun comes out to play later!


Helen said...

We blasted our nest with chemicals i am afraid . . . I am not one for chemicals but . . . . after several painful bites . . gone in a trice!!
Helen x

Kath said...

OOh spooky, just as I am reading this, there is a wasp buzzing round in my kitchen. I have to get them out quickly, as my younger dog (who is short on brains) finds it amusing to snap at them. How she has never had her mouth stung, I will never know!

Meadow said...

Thanks for your imput Helen,i think im going to have to use chemicals... LOL Kath, i have a dog that does excatly the same thing, your dogs not a Collie by any chance? Thanks for the messages girls, Blessings, Meadow..xx.