Sunday, 13 March 2011

Happy Sunday Musings..

Wow, we have had some lovely spring like weather, but sadly as soon as it comes it is taken away.. Anyhow, it inspired me to go out and collect some branches for my Easter Tree, i know, a little early, but hey ho..

Here's before

And here's after i added some colourful eggs, just need some birds to go on there and ill be a happy bunny, talking of bunnies, how cute are these felt egg cosies?...

Look what i saw yesterday, the first one of the year, scared me as i went past i thought it was a big spider out of the corner of my eye!

Its a little dark and wet out there today and iv got to venture into the unknown in a while, but i will leave you with a cosy candle as the evenings are getting lighter it will only be a matter of time before this becomes a distant memory, until late Autumn that is..


Kath said...

Oh you are on my wavelength, I was just thinking about making one yesterday. I used to work for a Swedish lady and she introduced me to this delightful form of decoration some 15 years ago. When my son was little, we used to love painting the eggs. Definately time to do another xx

Meadow said...

So the idea came from Sweden then, i saw it a few years ago in the home magazines and promised myself i would do it this year, its a great idea, one i shall continue to do and hopefully pass on to my grandchildren...xx..