Sunday, 15 August 2010

Working girl!

Wow, what a week! The teas cooking and the gardens watered and had a tidy up. Hair is washed, nails need painting later and uniform needs an iron.. Work has been tiring but iv really enjoyed my first week in the Bookstore..There is much to keep you busy and my feet and legs throb at the end of the day, but they Will get used to it once again.One thing i will do is buy a push bike its a bit of a walk and I don't fancy coming home in the dark once the winter months draw in.. Brought Sage a bike today, ready for when he goes back to school, so i will get mine next month..


Kath said...

I'm so pleased you are enjoying your new job! I know what you mean, many years ago, I did a spell of waitressing and i thought my feet would never, ever get used to it, but they did.
I hope you have somewhere safe to leave your bike while you are at work.
Talking of starting back at school, where has the summer gone? It seems like only last week my neighbours 2 were excited about breaking up for the holidays.

Meadow said...

Thanks Kath for your lovely comment.. Theres somewhere safe to leave the bike, and my feet are slowly getting used to the work load... I cant believe have fast time goes and we all know that once the children go back to school, its countdown till Christmas...xx