Saturday, 28 August 2010

Time Flies..........

Wow, its been a while since i last posted, but then i was getting used to being back at work! I'm still loving it, even more so when i received my first pay check.. I brought myself a bike to get to and from work as its a bit of a walk, it pink and has a wicker basket at the front, love it!

Here the weather feels more like Autumn then late summer, which is fine by me cause i love that time of year.. Iv noticed the trees are beginning to change a little and some apple trees are full of fruit. Made a lovely apple and blackberry crumble the other day, didn't last long in my house that's for sure.

The sun seem to be out today and i have a million things to be getting on with, so have a wonderful weekend and if your lucky enougth to have good weather, enjoy it..

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Kath said...

Oh I know what you mean about the fruit trees, ours are laden with apples, I nearly broke my neck trying to pick them, as this garden is on such a slope. The pears are still rock hard, but at least they are on a flat piece of ground!
Fancy having a pink bicycle, how cool is that :D