Thursday, 30 October 2008

Yes im ignoring the door!

I'm afraid this year there's no Trick or Treating at my house, the older youths have spoilt it for the younger children this time. Last year some teenagers knocked on the door Trick or treating and were very rude, when i pulled them up on it they abused me and came back later and gave my door a good kicking, not to say this put me on edge all night last year and I'm not going through that again this time round... So, the lights are off, there's a homemade sign on my door and I'm not answering it, so if anyone knocks, I'm ignoring you!

Shame that!

On a lighter note, the Pumpkins are carved, the cake will be baked tomorrow and a DVD brought, the lights will be off, the Pumpkins lite and a glowing and Sage and i are going to enjoy a film together.. Those of you out there having fun, be safe!

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