Sunday, 12 October 2008

Haha, would love to see this in my neighbourhood, would certainly put a smile on many a face! I'm really sorry but i don't know where i first got this picture from, its not my own work, so if any one knows where the credit should go please leave me a comment..
Fall/Autumn has finally arrived, i could smell Autumn in the air as i opened the back door last night, the smell of bonfires, although i don't think anyone had a fire going, theres still that smell that lingers within the crisp Autumnal night air.
Halloween here in the UK is not celebrated as big and as important as they do over the great pond in the US, unless you follow a Pagan Path here in the UK and then its not done with such style, although i am seeing it change, especially in the shops with all the Halloween goodies out there. However i have noticed that many of the US bloggers love to decorate a seasons alter which i think is a fantastic idea, one which is done within my family, although only at the Sabbats and festivals that we follow, on our Enchanted paths, but it has got me thinking and so i have decorated our little alter in Halloween/Fall/ Autumn theme, sorry no pictures, we don't own a digital camera (well, not until Yule anyways)..
The weather has been fantastic here, wall to wall sunshine for the past three or four days, but we all know that we will pay for it within the week, so, make the most of it...
Really want to get into the garden, but those great big stripey spiders have taken over and I'm going no where near them at the moment,nope, no way!!!! So, enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful Sunday...

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