Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Too much chocolate

Look, iv managed to catch the Robin singing in the Elder!
New kitchen flooring, YAY!!!.....Its been a while since i really posted a post, but then i do have a habit of doing this. I have all the great intentions of writing daily, then life takes over an i find that i have not been online for weeks let alone write for the blogs that i do have.. Summers on her way and iv been really busy with the garden and getting the seeds all ready and potted for when the frosts are all over and i can start putting the young vegetables out. Yesterday i managed to get hold of a Blueberry plant at my local Asdas, so that's put a smile on my face.

Iv been feeling a lot better these past few months, the medication has finally kicked in, although i still do get the odd panic attack but i can handle them now with the breathing and I'm finally coming to terms with being 40. Summers coming and I'm feeling good, need to stop eating all that chocolate though or I'm gonna put on weight, but working out keeps it all in balance, but iv eat a lot of chocolate today! Heheheheheheheh..

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