Saturday, 13 September 2008

No title today!

It seems i have been suffering from Panic attacks, now this has shocked me a little as i always thought myself to be a confident and strong women, but it seems as i enter my Crone stage of my life i am suffering a little from depression and this has lead to some attacks of panic, why i would feel the need to panic in a store or at the Doctors is beyond me. But now i know whats wrong i am taking the steps to get myself back on track with who i am.

About 2 weeks ago i started to use St. Johns Wort and this should start to kick in within the next week or two. When i feel myself tensing and my stomach turns at the thought off going out i can now tell myself that I'm OK and that i do have to go out and there is nothing out there that i should be worried about, and if the locals want to take at look at this beautiful and unique women, then please carry on, be my guest..

Iv been really thinking about investing in a sewing machine and who do i find out who has one they are about to sell, my sister, yep, she kept that one quiet, so hopefully in the next week or two i will be able to pick it up and start sewing all the things i have going around in my creative head.

I love spending hours looking at other peoples blogs and I'm always fascinated at the crafty ones, like felt making , dying wool, scrap book making, the list goes on and so i have been inspired and that creative women that's been a little hidden over the past few years is itching to get out.. so, expect to see a lot of my crafty ideas and works being presented to you all, well, when i eventually get that new camera for Yule you will...

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