Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lost skin and scrapes

Iv not been to well lately, iv been experiencing fainting spells, with the feeling of being sick. The doctor came out to me last Friday and i was given some anti biotics, due to the infection in my gum, that two previous trips to the dentist and two lot's of medication failed to take the infection away! Although the tablets have made the gum more bearable, there are still moments of wanting to pass out! Friday i will have an ECG test done and more can be assessed after that, hope i get the all clear, iv not worked out for two weeks and im already feeling the effects!

Can you believe it's September in a few days?, iv noticed the mornings are getting darker already! But this summer has been lousy, iv lost a lot of food in the garden, no runner beans this year and the tomatoes are in very short supply..

Sage goes back to school next Wednesday, he will enter year eight, which back in my day was the second year of secondary school, i believe he's looking forward to getting back, but will miss his time at the skate park! Sage went on a train with his friends for the first time last weekend and i was a bag of nerves, i kept thinking he is only 12 and shouldn't be so independent yet, but then i think yes he is 12, almost 13 and its a good thing hes so independent! Plus it also lets him know that i trust him to make the right decisions and do the right thing.. Mind you he phoned me a few hours later, having had a little accident on his Skates and scrapping the skin of his nose and chin!

Iv got to enter the unknown today, money still needs to go into the bank to pay the bills, ill or not ill, so a gentle walk and plenty of places to rest is on the cards this morning....

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