Friday, 25 April 2008

Dry, sore skin

My face has broken out into a dry itchy mess!, I think i may have put too much Lavender oil in my water when i washed my dreads!! So yesterday i washed them again, this time without the oil, but my face still feels all sore and itchy this morning..

Spring has brought some nice weather with her, especially the tempeture, now its a little warmer we can finally not have the heating on and manage to save a little money from the fuel we would use, which all helps now that food prices has risen in the shops! What is this crazy world coming too? things are going a little too crazy all over the planet, but then we cant expect anythng too much from the leaders we all have, they have thought about nothing but lining their own pockets for far too long and this is the fall out!

Got up this morning and put the bins out for the bin men and theres a pile of rubbish floating about the street, why? i thought that we all paid our taxes so that this would all be cleaned up, i dont know about where you live but theres rubbish everywhere i go and i hate repeating myself all the time, but the amount of glass thats on the streets is discusting!

Anyhow onwards and upwards, i need to put some Aloe Vera on my dry sore skin and get on with my day, so that i no longer become lost within a City..

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