Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A symbol of our times

Everywhere i look this is what im seeing, plastic bags are covering the trees, invading the countryside and our streams and i would say that we should all be ashamed of ourselves.. Opposite me there's a tree with about 3 bags in it, on my way to town everywhere i look, this is what i am seeing.. The worst place i would have to say its down a footpath that leads to a local supermarket, there's rubbish everywhere and loads of plastic bags are caught in the trees and the bushes! Where's the local council getting rid of this crap?, isn't this why we pay taxes?.. If i could reach up into the trees i bloody would..
This is the reason we should avoid using plactic bags, these will eventually break down and the wildlife will mistake the pellets for food, and we are killing them, how and when did we get so selfish? This saddens me and when i get my new camera im going to take pictures of all the plastic crap i see, then i will post them here and to the local council as well as the Prime Minister..


dormantpoet said...


You're not alone! You might want to look here:

Meadow said...

Ooooh, my first comment, Yay!! Thanks for the link Dormantpoet~..